Body Worn Video

We provide body worn video systems

Cheltek have a range of bodyworn cameras which includes “Veecam”, the most rugged bodyworn system in the market.

The Veecam system is used by Police, Coast Guard, Fisheries, and Rail Security. It is waterproof to 100 metres.

The Veecam system has a choice of cameras, either chest mounted or helmet mounted. The captured video is stored on internal memory and can be streamed live over a low bandwidth IP link allowing instant situational awareness for commanders.

We also supply other bodyworn systems including HD cameras, display units and PCB only solutions.


All of these systems have been designed to meet specific customer requirements, allowing us to ensure that the customer gets exactly what was required. If you have any requirements that you think we might be able to help with please contact us.

Below are some datasheets for bodyworn equipment