Long Range Optics

Cheltek has a long history of providing long range optical solutions to military users around the World. These systems are normally designed specifically for each user, using Cheltek’s range of camera, controllers and display options, allowing us to exactly meet the users requirement.

We have delivered systems fitted with 5000mm, 3000mm, 1500mm and 750mm lenses. This range of lenses and our experience with using them, allows us to find the ideal solution for your requirement.

Systems with multiple sensors are very common, allowing users to select between daylight, low light or thermal cameras at medium or long range.

Our 3000mm camera system is a good compromise between size and performance, its able to read standard number plates at over 4km and has a field of view of 1 metre at 1km. It can be delivered in a man portable version, with mains or battery power.

With such a small FOV at maximum zoom, it is important that the camera system is mounted on a stable head, which can give repeatable positioning. We have many years of experience delivering systems on a wide range of pan and tilt heads, again selecting the best solution to meet the user requirement.

Below are datasheets for some of our solutions. Please contact us with your requirements for long range camera system


File Description File size
pdf lrs5000-v1 Datasheet for 5000mm Long Range Camera
365 KB
pdf lrs3000-v1 Datasheet for 3000mm long Range Camera
433 KB
pdf lrs1500-v1 Datasheet for 1500mm Long Range Camera
470 KB