Ear Defending Headset



3M – PELTOR Ear Defending headset are of particular use to those who have to communicate in environments with high background noise levels, for example vehicle noise, equipment fans and other areas with high ambient noise levels.
Peltor has a long-established reputation for a wide range of ear-defending products.
The H79 headphones have been in use in high ambient noise environments for many years and have an established reputation for effectiveness and comfort during extended use. They comprise two high-attenuation earcups with soft foam- and fluid-filled sealing rings with built-in pressure-evening channels for effective sealing. This model uses a headband, which is a padded stainless-steel spring design. The MT7 noise-cancelling microphone is fitted on an easily adjustable boom, which may be unplugged from the cup for easy replacement.

Microphone MT7:
Type: Dynamic noise-canceling
Frequency range: 70Hz-9000Hz +/-6dB
Sensitivity: 4mV (output in typical use)
Impedance: 230 ohms (nominal)
Noise suppression: 12dB at 1kHz

Headphones H79A:
Impedance: 230 ohms per capsule
Frequency range: 125-8000Hz
Output: 81dBA at 0.5V/1kHz
Cable length: 0.5m fully retracted, 1.4m extended

Average attenuation:
SNR 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz 8000Hz
H79 33 17.7 27.1 33.8 38.1 36.2 33.6 37.1
H61 26 11.2 14.3 25.6 29.0 32.0 39.7 38.7