Insight 2IP and 4IP Streaming DVR

• SIZE: 170mm x 102mm x 45mm.
• WEIGHT: 980g
• POWER: 11w (4 channels record and stream)
• VOLTAGE: 8-32Vdc.

• Freescale iMX6 Processor
• 32GB storage per channel
• 10/100 Ethernet streaming
• 2 or 4 x Analog PAL/NTSC inputs or LVDS inputs
• 2 x USB (Option)
• Streams all channels independently



The Insight 2IP and the Insight 4IP DVR systems have been designed to future-proof customer’s investment, by leveraging the highest performance signal processing components in a low power, compact unit. The Insight 2IP and the Insight 4IP DVRs harnesses a number of advanced processing elements to produce a system capable of the very highest levels of performance.
For each channel, the DVR uses a Freescale iMX6 ARM processor ideally suited to multimedia applications but with a low power consumption. Each channel records high quality imagery and at the same time streams the signal over an IP interface.
The Insight 2IP accepts two camera inputs, the Insight 4IP accepts four camera inputs. These inputs can be either analogue PAL/NTSC or a digital LVDS input. All the channels are simulataneously recorded and streamed.
The video is streamed using RTSP packets and the bandwidth of each stream can be adjusted independently depending on the communications bandwidth available.
When powered all channels automatically start recording. Each channel has a dedicated 32GB memory and depending on the video quality selected, will store over 50 hours of video per channel
Each Camera input is stored as a separate video file, with each file split into a user selectable size – default 60 minutes.
The user interacts with the DVR via a standard Web browser interface, allowing configuration of the recorder and download of any recorded files.
The recorder can be time synced using an NTP time server like the Cheltek Intime 247 unit.