LRS230 Long Range, Marine Surveillance System

• Minimum illumination.
Colour: 0.01 lux, F1.2
Monochrome: 0.0005 lux, F1.2
• Zoom: Fixed 230mm
• Resolution: 650 TVL
• Output: Composite 1V p-p
• Power: 110V – 240V AC
• Size: 185mm x 153mm x 556mm



The LRS230 long range, marine surveillance system is ideal for:-
• Border Surveillance
• Coastal & Marine Surveillance
• Missile and Test Ranges
It is fitted in a rugged housing, able to withstand the harsh marine environement. The camera is fully waterproof and can be nitrogen purged and pressurised while in use.
The lens is set to give a fixed FOV of approximately 30 metres at a distance of 1km.
The lens is fitted with an ND filter to help ensure it works in very bright conditions and with sea reflections.
The camera has a 1/3” CCD image sensor with an automatic day / night mode. In daylight, the camera image is colour and, as the light level drops, the camera will automatically switch to a monochrome night mode, giving superior performance in low light conditions.
The system comes with a BNC output connector and a multipole connector carrying power and control.
The system is powered from 110V – 240V AC and the control allows 2 preset iris levels to be set.