LRS1500 Dual Camera System

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LRS1500 Dual Camera System

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The LRS1500 is a surveillance camera that combines a high resolution colour camera for daytime surveillance with a thermal imaging camera for night vision. The cameras are mounted in compact rugged enclosures that are carried on a precision-drive motorised pan/tilt unit offering a fast and accurate remote control targeting capability. A laser range finder can also be fitted to further enhance the LRS1500 capability to locate and track targets. Either camera can be delivered singularly if required. The LRS1500 is designed for multiple roles:
• Border Surveillance
• Coastal & Marine Surveillance
• Man Portable Covert Intelligence Gathering
• Missile and Test Ranges
The LRS1500 builds on Cheltek’s long history of designing and building high-quality long-range cameras. The LRS family in its various formats has been used by the UK MoD for many years, and currently sees service in some of the most demanding theatres in the world. The LRS range is also in use by non-military agencies for covert target surveillance and intelligence gathering. The whole camera assembly weighs less than 40kg and can be mounted on a variety of mounts including a compact portable tripod.
The LRS1500 day camera is a high resolution CCD camera with integral 120x optical zoom lens. The sensor offers over 440,000 pixels giving a high quality image in lighting levels down to 150 lux, allowing close-up observation from a remote position.
The LRS1500 can incorporate a high performance Mid-Waveband Infra Red thermal imager to provide continued surveillance capability in poor visibility and night conditions. The sensor is coupled to the latest generation of image processing electronics to achieve superior image quality, and the zoom lens offers a wide angle view through to long focal length to achieve long identification range.
The LRS1500 is mounted on a rugged compact pan/tilt unit capable of accurately positioning the cameras with a high-degree of repeatability despite high speed operation. The unit offers continuous pan, and speeds of up to 100 degrees/second. The control of the unit is fully integrated into the LRS1500’s control system giving the user a powerful and easy-to-operate remote surveillance capability.

Category: Long Range Optic Systems
FEATURES • Observing activity in excess of 8000 m • Making identifications beyond 1000m (day) and 2000m (night) • Colour day plus thermal night vision cameras • Accurate repeatable positioning • Mission proven lens • Laser range finding option BENEFITS • High quality images both day and night • Compact and easily deployed • Ruggedised for operation in hostile environments • Versatile design for a range of operational theatres • Low through life costs • Modular design to enable long term support and upgrade capability