LRS3000 Long Range Optical Surveillance System

LRS3000 Long Range Optical Surveillance System

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The Cheltek LRS3000 long range camera is the world’s most cost effective, multi-role electro-optical surveillance system. It meets the demanding operational requirements of intelligence agencies, special forces and border protection agencies in both urban and rural scenarios, anywhere in the world.
• Border Surveillance, Coastal & Marine Surveillance
• Man Portable Covert Intelligence Gathering
• Homeland Security
• Missile and Test Ranges

The LRS3000 is a completely self contained and highly portable video surveillance, monitoring and recording system. Compact and lightweight, yet powerful and robust, the system has been specially designed for a wide range of demanding long range reconnaissance applications. Employing the very latest in electro-optic technologies, the LRS3000 provides surveillance at extreme ranges and in low light, making it ideal for sensitive covert and overt operations. The system is field proven, having been used extensively in harsh environments.


The LRS3000 electro-optic sensor consists of a fully motorised 250-3015mm continuous zoom Cassegrain lens, coupled to a unique colour and low-light CCD changeover camera. This makes the sensor capable of operating in light levels from full sunlight down to 1 Lux at full zoom and at target distances in excess of 13km.


The camera housing has been designed for special force applications where size, weight and performance are critical. Weighing less than 12kg, the lens and camera assembly is encapsulated in a single, ultra-light housing which combines excellent military standard EMC qualities with a very high level of environmental protection. An equally lightweight and compact, high performance remote controlled Pan and Tilt director head is available. This allows the sensor payload to be accurately and repeatedly positioned onto targets, either by manual control or slewing automatically to pre-programmed positions. An optional fibre optic modem can be incorporated into the base to allow interference-free remote operation over tactical fibre. Cheltek can also provide a desktop controller, a briefcase-style command and control unit or a hand held control unit, all utilising a user-friendly and intuitive Man Machine Interface, greatly reducing the need for operator training.

Category: Long Range Optic Systems


• Observing activity in excess of 13,000m

• Making identifications beyond 2,500m

• Colour day plus enhanced low-light vision

• Accurate and repeatable positioning

• Self-contained system


• Lightweight and portable

• Self-contained system

• Rapidly deployable

• Covert or overt usage

• Easy export of footage

• Reliable technology proven in the field


Type: Sealed, dry nitrogen purged

Size: 152mm diameter increasing to 220mm 711mm long

Weight: 12kg Material: Aluminium

Optical Window: AR and ITO coating, flat to 4 fringes

Options: Wiper


System Type: Maksutov Cassegrain

Aperture: 100mm

Zoom Ratio: 6.2x or 12.4x with Barlow

Focal Length: 250mm to 1540mm or 250mm to 3014mm with Barlow

Field of View (Wide): 1.1° x 0.82° (1/3” Sensor) Field of View (Tele): 0.09° x 0.068° (1/3” Sensor)

Focus Range: 10m to infinity

Focus Mode: Automatic focus tracking with zoom


Voltage Options: 24VDC or 110-240VAC (12VDC using optional inverter accessory)

Power: 50W quiescent 200W peak


Temperature: -20°C to +55°C


Type: Colour to monochrome low-light changeover

Optional X-Y shift giving +/- 0.75° Field of View

Optional external context camera with Field of View from 1.7° to 58.0°

Colour Camera: 1/3” Interline transfer Effective Pixels: PAL: 752×582 NTSC: 768×492 Horizontal Resolution: >450 TVL S/N Ratio: >50dB

Low Light Monochrome Camera: 1/2″ Impactron Interline Transfer Peltier cooled (subject to export licence)

Effective Pixels: PAL/NTSC: 658×495

Minimum Illumination: <1 Lux


Drive Type: Indirect Azimuth Movement: Continuous rotation Elevation Movement: +20° to -40° Positional Accuracy: 0.056° Minimum Speed: 0.0056° per second Maximum Speed: 50° per second