Vehicle Systems

Cheltek have a range of cameras and equipment designed for use on military vehicles and ships.

We have supplied miniature cameras at just 50mm x 50mm complete with wiper for use as situational awareness systems, we currently supply the camera system on the Titon and Trojan UK MOD vehicles.

We were the first company to provide a fully qualified digital video recorder and have now supplied over 200 recorders fitted to Mastiff vehicles.

We have a number of twin daylight and thermal cameras and have combined or fused there output to a single feed.

We have a small range of rugged vehicle displays and video switch units. Our latest addition is a Time server unit, allowing the vehicle to synchronise its systems to GPS and maintain synchronisation in the absence of GPS.

We have invested in our own video streaming solution, which can be used with our camera systems, allowing us to offer a low cost GVA compliant solution if required.

All of these systems have been designed to meet specific customer requirements, allowing us to ensure that the customer gets exactly what was required. If you have any requirements that you think we might be able to help with please contact us.

Below are some datasheets for vehicle equipment