InTime247 Network Time Server

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InTime247 Network Time Server

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Time Synchronisation for Military Vehicles
The Intime247 unit uses Network Time Protocol to synchronise the time for all computer systems on a vehicle. All log file entries, video overlays, database accesses, user log-ins and any other time based
activity, will be fully time synchronised to the InTime247 unit. The benefits include:
 Improved information reporting
 Improved security and usage auditing
The unit uses a GPS feed to set its internal clock This single time value is circulated over the vehicle network to any other equipment. If the GPS signal is unavailable the unit will provide an internally
generated clock. It is designed for mounting onto wheeled vehicles and is designed to
be fully compliant with the latest environmental and EMC specifications.

The InTime247 builds on Cheltek’s long history of designing and building high-quality military systems. Our vehicle systems have been used by the UK MoD for many years and currently see service in
some of the most demanding theatres in the world. The unit weighs less than 1kg and can be easily mounted within a vehicle.
General Vehicle Architecture
The InTime247 unit can be GVA compliant and can form part of a Generic Vehicle Architecture system.

Positional Option
Optionally, positional data can be output over the network. This data includes:
 Position,
 Heading and
 Speed
This option uses the Data Distribution Service.

Categories: Vehicle Systems,Other
FEATURES  Time Syncronise all vehicle systems  Power 9 – 36V  Rugged housing  NTP compatible  Temperature range -10C to +75C BENEFITS  Non ITAR  Low power consumption  Works with or without GPS  UK design and manufacture OPTIONS  Positional Data Output  GVA Compliance