LRS-D Dual Camera System

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LRS-D Dual Camera System

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The LRS-D is a fully integrated surveillance camera that combines a high resolution colour camera for daytime surveillance with a thermal imaging camera for night vision.  The cameras are mounted in a compact rugged enclosure that can be mounted on a precision-drive motorised pan/tilt unit offering a fast and accurate remote control targeting capability.  An integrated wiper is also supplied. The cameras can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on the pan / tilt unit depending on user requirements.  The LRS-D is designed for multiple roles and is ideal for portable situational awareness, reconnaissance and surveillance applications:

  • • Ground Deployment
  • • Vehicle Deployment
  • • Man Portable Covert Intelligence Gathering

It is designed for mounting onto wheeled vehicles and is designed to be fully compliant with the latest environmental and EMC specifications.

The LRS-D builds on Cheltek’s long history of designing and building high quality military cameras.  The LRS family in its various formats has been used by the UK MoD for many years and currently sees service in some of the most demanding theatres in the world.  The LRS range is also in use by non-military agencies for covert target surveillance and intelligence gathering.  

The whole camera assembly weighs less than 4.5kg and can be mounted on a variety of mounts including a compact portable tripod.


The LRS-D day camera is a high resolution CCD camera with integral optical zoom lens giving a field of view from 1.7 to 60 degrees.  The sensor operates at lighting levels down to 0.1 lux.


The LRS-D incorporates a high performance thermal imaging camera to provide continued surveillance capability in poor visibility and night conditions.  The sensor is coupled to the latest generation of image processing electronics to achieve superior image quality, and the zoom lens offers a wide angle view through to long focal length to achieve human target detection at 1000m.

DEF-STAN 00-82

The LRS-D can be fitted with our DEF-STAN 00-82 module, allowing it to form part of a Generic Vehicle Architecture system.  

Category: Vehicle Systems


  • • Daylight working down to 0.1 lux
  • • Uncooled thermal allowing human detection at 1km
  • • Size 240mm x 200mm x 110mm
  • • Weight 4.5kg
  • • In service with UK MOD
  • • Compatible with Cheltek’s range of controllers and radio link systems
  • • Picture in Picture
  • • Fast deployment options available


  • • ¼” Daylight Sensor
  • • 1.7 to 60 degrees HFOV (Day Camera)
  • • 640 x 480 Thermal
  • • 25Hz
  • • PAL Output
  • • RS422 Control


  • • Ethernet Output
  • • Internal Recording

Fused Day and Thermal Image