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Camera for Situational Awareness

The Miniature Vehicle Camera (MVC4560) has been designed primarily for vehicle mounted close-in
situational awareness work. However, the MVC is a versatile, inconspicuous unit with many other possible uses, including covert surveillance applications.
 The MVC measures a mere 100mm x 50mm x 50mm and weighs only 0.25Kg
 The Housing contains EMC filtering to allow the unit to meet the stringent EMC requirements required on military vehicles and a heater for low temperature use
 The MVC4560 uses a CCD sensor board camera.
 The colour version has 1 lux sensitivity at F1.4 and 520 line resolution
 Lens options from 45º to 60º Field of View available
 Based on similar fielded designs, the unit is designed to meet MIL STD 461F, 464 and 810F

Categories: Other,Vehicle Systems
FEATURES  100mm x 50mm x 50mm  0.25kg weight  EMC Filter  FoV 45º to 60º  10.8 to 13V input  Mirror Mode (jumper selectable)  Designed to meet MILSTD-461F, MIL-STD-464 and MIL-STD-810F