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VEEcam is a unique fully rugged video system for extreme environments, allowing hands‐ free high quality digital video recording. Our latest version offers IP video streaming and a simplified user interface.

• High quality video record, stream, replay and download

• Ultra low power maximises operational use

• Low weight and volume minimises carriage burden and maximises mobility

• High environmental specification (waterproof to 10m; MIL‐STD thermal, shock, vibration) allows operation in extreme environments

• Solid state with no moving parts provides skip‐free operation

 Extendible architecture and extensive connectivity for continuous evolution

VEEnet—Streaming Live Video

Streaming live video provides a significant increase in command and control effectiveness. Chelteks approach to this user need is to record high quality evidential

video on the VEEcam console and in parallel stream live video over a communications network; the quality of transmitted video being dependent on available communications bearer bandwidth and network resilience. 

In user trials with police and military this approach has proved highly successful in enabling timely command and control decisions to be made, whilst capturing high fidelity images for later analysis.

The system can work with any IP enabled radio system, including mesh radios, Wi-Fi networks and secure internet.

Depending on the radio chosen, the Veecam can be used to control the radio and can send other meta data, including GPS and operator health.

Secure Evidence Gathering System (SEGS)

In order to provide the required level of system management and security functions for police and military organisations Cheltek has developed the SEGS (Secure Evidence Gathering System) software which executes on the VEEcam console and back‐office IT system. SEGS provides authentication, tamper detection, audit trail and system management functions via a simple to use user interface. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Simplified User Interface

Our latest VEEcam system has a simplified user interface, allowing quick and efficient selection of the record and stream functions.

All other settings are available via the web interface.

There is no removable SD card to loose, all recordings are held internally and can be downloaded via the Ethernet connection.

Designed and Supported in the UK

VEEcam is the market leading body worn video product. It is the culmination of many years R & D funded development with the specific objective of developing a professional body worn video system able to withstand extreme environments and deliver the best value for money over many years of continuous use.

VEEcam is designed, built and tested within the UK which enables Cheltek to offer customers a fully supported product. Furthermore, Cheltek has the ability to work closely with customers to enhance and modify VEEcam to meet the needs of new and emerging requirements.


Since its production launch in early 2008 VEEcam has been sold to a range of professional users in demanding applications, these include:

• Eight police forces including North Wales, South Wales, Surrey, Wrexham, Flintshire, Norfolk, PSNI

• Transport police including Southern Rail and Strathclyde

• Fire brigades including South Yorkshire, Hampshire

• Various military organisations including Special Forces, Royal Marines, Royal Navy

• UK and international security organisations

Category: Body Worn & Miniature Video

VEEcam offers high quality video recording in a compact rugged package with the system flexibility to meet all operational needs

Console Unit

• Solid state digital recorder

• Fully sealed unit waterproof to >10m

• Rugged, lightweight polycarbonatenclosure, reinforced with nickel impregnated carbon fibre

• Integral 2.4” transmissive LCD display with backlight

• Integral lithium‐ion battery

Two high grade connectors for camera and auxiliary input/output

Cylindrical Camera

• Fully sealed unit waterproof to 10m

Lightweight anodised aluminium enclosure

• Optional in‐line microphone waterproof to 10m

Body Worn Camera

• IP67 rated

• Lightweight plastic enclosure

• Integral microphone

• Klickfast mounting system

Other Cameras

Can record and stream any standard 

PAL or NTSC video input, including Thermal or SWIR cameras.

Standard Sensor

For operations down to 0.2 Lux, VGA resolution.

2.0 MPixel CMOS, 1/3" format sensor

60° horizontal FOV, 

• Focal length 600mm to infinity


Stream from 32kb/s up to 3MB/s


160 x 120

320 x 240

640 x 480

Stream from 5 to 30 frames per second

Stream any PAL or NTSC video input