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Military Video Streaming & Recording
VEEstream is a small, rugged, low bandwidth, video processor that
can stream the video image over any IP network. The video signal is
also recorded within the unit for later retrieval.
 Based on proven low bandwidth technology
 LVDS / PAL / NTSC video input
 Designed and manufactured in the UK.
 Streams using RTSP IP stream to any compatible PC, tablet or
smart phone
 User selectable stream rates upto 3Mb/s
 Extendible for dual stream
 Optional serial control of connected items
 Continuous evolution
All settings for the unit are made via simple web pages with only an on
/ off control on the unit.
The VEEstream unit can be powered from any DC supply from 4 –
16V. Other power options are available.
Streaming live video provides a significant increase in command and
control effectiveness allowing commanders to have instant video
footage to improve their decision making.
The video is sent as an RTSP stream that allows standard video
playback applications to be used. Integration with customers existing
applications can also be completed.
Currently a single stream is supported; however the architecture has
been designed to support two simultaneous streams. For instance this
would allow both a high quality stream and a lower quality, lower
bandwidth stream to be sent simultaneously.
The unit is fitted with 8GB memory (Options upto 64GB). This allows a
high quality recording of the video for future – non live – retrieval. The
video can be downloaded via the units web page. At highest video
quality settings, the unit can record over 24 hours of footage, the unit
then automatically deletes the earliest files

Categories: Body Worn & Miniature Video,Other


  • 100mm x 50mm x 20mm
  • Video capture at up to 30fps
  • Video compression using H.264
  • RTSP (IP packet format)
  • Temperature range -10C to +40C
  • Single channel camera Input 


  • Non ITAR
  • Low power consumption
  • Auto select LVDS / PAL/NTSC 
  • Platform agnostic for any RTSP enabled video player
  • UK design and manufacture

Optional Access Point:

  • Allow instant streaming to wireless devices
  • Radio channels selectable
  • DHCP or static, multicast
  • Encryption supported